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5 hobbies loved by celebs worldwide

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Time icon June 29, 2023   | Last Updated: July 1, 2023 at 8:00 PM

Although we often know a lot about their public lives and work, there is still a huge amount we don’t know when it comes to the lives of the rich and famous. This is particularly true when it comes to the hobbies that celebrities indulge in behind closed doors, with many celebrities keeping what they do in their spare time close to their chest.

Despite their arguable need for privacy, however, one can’t help but be fascinated by the thought of what the world’s most famous individuals get up to when they aren’t working or relaxing at luxury vacation resorts.

Do the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z love nothing more than curling up to binge watch the latest series on Netflix like the rest of us? Or does Drake really spend his evenings crocheting?

In terms of whether celebrities are as extravagant as you might expect them to be given the vast sums of cash at their disposal, it really is a bit of a mixed bag. While some celebrities indulge in pastimes that normal people could only ever dream of, some of them are remarkably ordinary!

Let’s take a look at the five hobbies loved by celebrities worldwide:


Collecting works of art has long been a passion of the rich and famous, with many celebrities throughout history directly patronizing the great artists whose works we still celebrate.

This is similarly true of A-list celebrities in the modern era, many of whom are known to drop eye-watering sums on amassing vast collections of artworks.

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, is well-known for his incredible collection, which includes works by artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Oscar Murillo, Salvador Dali and Ed Ruscha. Similarly, Beyonce and Jay-Z have adorned their private residences with works by Andy Warhol, Picasso and Tim Noble.

While we can certainly appreciate the need to patronize the arts, collecting expensive works of art isn’t necessarily something all of us can relate to.


Another interesting hobby that seems to have become a bit of a passion for many celebrities, is gambling.

In many respects, this makes sense. As regardless of how much money you are worth or how filled with luxury your life is, nothing can beat the thrill and excitement of placing a live wager.

Major public figures such as the UFC’s Dana White are notorious for their love of sports betting, while others are known to prefer table games on the casino floor. Poker is particularly popular among celebrities, with Ben Affleck and Toby Maguire both being known to frequent high-stakes poker games.

While we can’t imagine the likes of Drake hopping onto a no deposit sweepstakes casino, numerous celebrities have been spotted using online platforms to gamble with. Online poker is particularly popular with celebrities, many of whom have cropped up at competitions and tournaments over the years. Evidently it doesn’t matter how rich you are, there are few things that beat the fun and relaxation that comes with settling in for a night of playing casino games!

Watch collecting

On the list of least relatable hobbies, there are perhaps few that are quite as unrelatable as watch collecting.

Numerous celebrities have come out of the closet with their passion for collecting watches over the years, including Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Z and Robert Downey Jr.

However, these celebrities aren’t collecting your garden variety Casio or Timex. They are dropping some serious cash on luxury timepieces, with some of these watches worth quite literally millions of dollars.

John Mayer is a celebrity that is so obsessed with watches, that he has even done interviews with watch collecting websites who were dying to get a look at his massive collection!


One hobby that seems particularly popular with celebs both young and old, is cooking!

In one sense this makes perfect sense, as they are probably not only bored of constantly going out for luxury meals, but they are also probably sick of having to eat in public where they will inevitably get snapped by lurking paparazzi!

Celebrities such as Florence Pugh and Brooklynn Beckham have both filled their social media feeds with their adventures in home cooking, as have more established showbusiness names such as Stanley Tucci and Natalie Portman.

However, while ‘home’ cooking might sound like a relatively relatable hobby, these celebs are anything but humble when it comes to their ingredients. Evidently, having vast sums of cash at your disposal means you can also afford luxuries normal home cooks could only ever dream of.


Although we don’t often look to celebrities for intellectual inspiration, reading seems to be a massively popular hobby among a certain demographic of celebrities. Once again, this makes sense given that the world of celebrity is often quite a vapid, materialistic space. It seems understandable that celebrities might seek out some intellectual or spiritual stimulation.

One such celebrity who has been very vocal about her love of books and literature, is the uber famous Reese Witherspoon. In contrast to the ditzy character she played in the much-loved ‘Legally Blonde’, Witherspoon is a serious bibliophile based on her social media feeds.

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