ZEvent 2021 Twitch Stream Raises Record $11 Million For Charity

ZEvent Twitch charity stream is an annual event that is organized by the biggest names from the French content creation industry. The initiative started in 2017 and has been going on regularly every year since then.

The ZEvent 2021 was a special one and has created a new personal record for the Twitch charity stream. This year, the organizers managed to raise eight figures for the first time ever. The total donations received for ZEvent 2021 were $11,661,662 (€10,064,480).

Pokimane’s Donation

The 2021 event saw a massive jump in donations received as compared to the previous record of $6.6 million in ZEvent 2020. Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane also donated €10,000 to this year’s ZEvent taking the event organizers by surprise.

The streamers thanked Pokimane for her generosity and she replied humbly saying that ‘the video which ZEvent shared was full of charisma.”

“Poki thanks a lot, from all the French community,” said the streamers of the event. Everyone had smiles on their face when Pokimane revealed her massive donation and it was a pleasant event to conclude with.

Pokimane recently called out her fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif for streaming alongside Valkyrae amidst the ongoing RFLCT drama. She told Mizkif that he streamed with Valkyrae only for ‘his personal benefit’.

French Presidenr Appreciates ZEvent

The ZEvent charity event is so big that it also attracted the attention of French president Emmanuel Macron. He said “By mobilizing together, we can move mountains. You did it ZEvent 2021, you did it again this year. Congratulations!”.

The ZEvent 2021 ran for three days from October 29 to 31st October.

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