Pokimane Calls Out Mizkif For Streaming With Valkyrae Amid RFLCT Drama

Streamer Valkyrae has been met with heavy backlash from the netizens after she released her skincare line RFLCT the past week. Her products claim to protect users from harmful blue-light emissions that come from long screen time.

While some streamers defended Valkyrae and her new venture, others criticized her for promoting a product with no scientific evidence. Valkyrae has also taken a note of the whole situation and has reacted to the ongoing drama.

What Did Pokimane Say?

Valkyrae did a stream with fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif addressing claims and concerns about her brand RFLCT. This did not sit well with Pokimane who thinks Mizkif was only there with Valkyrae for ‘his own benefit’.

Pokiamane called out Mizkif and said that ‘I think you were looking for some sort of affirmation and validation in regards to what you did last night.’

“I agree that if you weren’t the one reacting to her stream, it would have been xQc or Hasan or likely all three of you at the same time fighting for a clip. LSF real estate, right?” She added that it was his “decision to make”  when it comes to “personal sentiments towards her.”

Sykunno Talks About RFLCT Brand

Recently, another streamer Sykkuno gave his two cents on the controversy. His general stance was of ‘defending’ Valkyrae who is his close friend.

Sykunno talked about his own experience with using skincare products that promise to protect users from blue-light that can be harmful when one puts in long screen hours. He said that he is not an expert but wishes well for Valkyrae and her new brand RFLCT.

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