Zazie Beetz Likely To Reprise Her Role In Joker Folie á Deux

Joker Folie á Deux creators have already started setting up a star-studded cast for its new sequel. After Lady Gaga joined Joker 2 cast, another actor is in talks to reprise her role in the film. Let’s find out who would it be.

Joker 2 is just two years away, the official date for the release is already confirmed i.e 4th October 2024. The first sequel of the film starring Joaquin Phoenix earned more than $1 billion at the box office and got recognized as well at the Oscars with 6 wins.

Zazie Beetz is said to be in talks to join the cast of Joker 2. She was also a part of the first sequel and played the role of Sophie Dumond. She was a single parent and a neighbor or Arthur a.k.a Joker, who fell in love with her. At the initial moments of the film, she was considered his love interest but as the film proceeds, we get to know it was just a story that Joker created in his mind and there was no relationship between them as such.

He gets to know the relationship was delusional when he goes to her house unannounced and she doesn’t know him. After that moment Sophie’s fate remained undecided as viewers never got to know what happened to her. But directors did confirm that she lived and wasn’t killed by the Joker.

For the new sequel, we don’t know yet what Sophie’s role has in store. But it would be great to see her reprise her role in Joker 2. The things which are confirmed from the creators’ side are that the sequel will take place in Arkham mental asylum and the sequel is rumored to be musical.

Lady Gaga Confirms Being In Joker 2

A few days back Lady Gaga posted a musical teaser of Joaquin Phoenix & her dancing “Cheek to cheek” which kind of hinted toward her playing the Harley Quinn.

Speaking of fans, Twitter has gone bonkers after hearing this news, fans have long awaited the official announcement about this, they even reimagined her in artworks as Harley Quinn & now they will get to see her on the live screen.

Fans are filled with excitement, love, and support for Lady Gaga’s role in the film. Some even commented saying Oscar Winner already even before the release of the film.

Some even joked about taking care of mental health while filming. Other reactions were just fans showering love and excitement on Lady Gaga.

Fans have started making memes too about her which will now be all over the internet in the coming days.

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