xQc Says That YouTube’s Decision To Remove The Dislike Button Is A ‘Moronic Mistake’

Famous Twitch streamer xQc has given his two cents about the ongoing Internet debate regarding YouTube’s latest update. The Google-owned video sharing platform YouTube has announced that it will remove it’s age-old dislike button from videos and hide the dislike count from public. But why?

According to YouTube, this move will prevent harassments and dislike attacks by viewers. At times, due to external factors, many viewers rush to dislike the video even if the video was good. This is known as dislike attack, or dislike bo,b, which YouTube is trying to avoid.

What Did xQc Say?

However, the Internet seems divided whether this update is really needed or not. Twitch streamer xQc feels that removing such an important feature ‘does not make any sense’. Here is what xQc said talking about YouTube’s decision to remove the dislike feature;

“If you stand for dogsh*t values, you’re an asshat, you say bullsh*t in your videos, why should you [get likes]?”

“If your views are dumb, and you’re a dumbass, the dislike counts tell people you’re a dumbass. Equally, all good things get likes and everyone can see that you approve.

“If you take away this system, anyone can come in, and say anything. Whenever a corporation or brand comes out with a disgusting, trash video that is full of evil things that they’re promoting, they’ll still have a perfect 100% like ratio.

Doesn’t Make Sense

“I don’t want to be over the top, but it’s wrong. YouTube has got this wrong. Surely they see that. Changing [a key feature] like this doesn’t make sense.”

He said, “No one asked for this. It really feels like someone got their ego hurt, so there’s panic.”

The streamer recently revealed a ‘billion dollar idea’ to revolutionize Twitch as well.

Do you think that YouTube’s decision to remove the dislike button is right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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