Streamer xQc Reveals A Billion Dollar Idea To Revolutionize Twitch

xQc is one of the biggest Twitch streamers on the planet. His streams are full of entertainment, humor, and at times rages at stream snipers who try to make him lose the game.

Recently, xQc came up with what he claims a ‘billion-dollar idea’ that would revolutionize Twitch. But what exactly was this idea and is it really capable to revolutionize the streaming platform?

What Is The Idea?

xQc even presented his idea to a Twitch staff member who works in the partnership department. He did so live on his stream in front of thousands of viewers. He is what xQc said to Pluto [the Twitch staff member]:

“People want clips. People want to see top clips. People want to see what happened today on this forsaken platform,” he said.

“I don’t have time to watch all the streams. But I do have a little bit of time and I want a highlight reel of all the streamers I’m interested in or another section about what happened today on Twitch. What happened today in the realm of live content.”

xQc believes that the feature which he is suggesting is “just like LSF but without the dogs*t commenters.” He even said that it can be improvised to include chat functionality. “People can comment on these things later if they want to.”

Will Twitch Accept It?

When confronted about the current Twitch clip recommendation system, xQc expressed annoyance and said “Clips we think you’ll like? F**k off, dude. I don’t think so. How about you give me clips that people like today. Clips that people watch today.”

The streamer discussed interface, the front page, and more with Pluto as well. It remains to be seen whether Twitch will adopt xQc’s ideas or not.

What do you think about the ‘billion-dollar’ idea to revolution Twitch by xQc? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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