xQc Lashes Out On Hypocrites Who Promote Gambling Streams On Twitch

Twitch streamer xQc was a target of the audience when he used to do gambling streams on Twitch. After backlash, the streamer had to quit doing them.

But now, Felix ‘xQc’ has got a reason to be mad at the ‘hypocrites’ who criticized him for doing gambling streams but are themselves promoting such streams.

Twitch Gambling Streams

Twitch Gambling streams garnered a lot of attention with the biggest streamers like Asmongold, Pokimane, and Shroud giving their opinions about it.

When xQc saw clips being shared on Reddit /r/livestreamfail, he was shook! He labelled the community as a bunch of ‘hypocrites’.

The same Subreddit threw criticism when xQc was doing gambling streams.

What Did xQc Say?

“What happened?” xQc asked.

“I thought gambling was disgusting and nobody should ever do it. But [people on] LSF are uploading clips from gambling streams. Hypocrite much?” he said.

xQc reveals that the community members of the subreddit, at one point, believed that “gambling [should not be considered] content, can never be content, is never funny, and is never good” — but now it’s being upvoted.”

Another post about xQc had blown up earlier in regards to Gambling Streams which received 10,000 people upvoted that thread, with more than 1,000 leaving comments.

Just recently, Shroud, one if the biggest Twitch streamers on the planet, talked about his fellow colleague xQc and revealed what makes him laugh the most about about xQc.

While xQc is a hilarious streamer who entertains his audience to the max, Shroud points out one specific thing that ‘cracks’ him up.

Coming back to the story, do you think that the subreddit community is being ‘hypocrite’ for supporting gambling streams when they come from other streamers but bashing them when xQc does it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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