Why Supergirl Season 7 Isn't Happening (& How Kara Can Return)

Why Supergirl Season 7 Isn’t Happening (& How Kara Can Return)

Supergirl Season 7 isn’t coming, but it doesn’t mean Kara Danvers’ Arrowverse tale is over.

Due to the pandemic and star Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy, the show had low ratings and a stopped shooting schedule; but it doesn’t necessarily mean Kara’s story is over. Melissa Benoist has remarked that she is open to donning the cape again if it is appropriate for the character; and she may have many possibilities in the future.

Supergirl has been a mainstay show for the Arrowverse since its first season on CBS before switching to the CW; intermingling characters from other shows and crossovers on a regular basis. Elseworlds, Crisis on Earth-X, Invasion, and Crisis on Infinite Earths are just a few of the CW events in which Supergirl has appeared.

Armageddon, a new crossover planned to premiere in season 8 of The Flash, will not include Supergirl among the returning CW ensemble. With many Arrowverse shows still on the air (and more on the pipeline); there are plenty of opportunities to bring her back in some fashion.

The main cause for the cancellation of Supergirl season 7 and its eventual termination with season 6 is the show’s low ratings; which peaked at 3 million viewers in season 2 and dropped to half that in season 5. Things worsened at the end of Season 5, which witnessed a significant reduction in live viewers; with only 700,000 tuning in.

To further complicate the show, Benoist’s pregnancy delayed production on Supergirl season 6; and then the pandemic hit; which delayed things even further, causing the studio, cast and crew to come to the decision to end with a longer finale.

Supergirl Will Be Given A Gift By Ending The Show On A High Note

While Supergirl’s solo show is no longer a possibility; it is a fair bet that she will return for crossover events as the Arrowverse develops; especially given Benoist’s willingness to return if the timing is right and it makes sense for the character to be there.

Many series have been cancelled as a result of the pandemic; but the majority of them were already struggling with ratings. Supergirl is no exception since it has lost the necessary momentum to stay afloat. With decreasing viewership at an all-time low at the end of season 5, it’s difficult for the studio to justify moving beyond the sixth season that has already been greenlit.

With a year and a half between seasons, fans who were still holding out hope for the show’s return were already stretched thin. Supergirl will be given a gift by ending the show on a high note and receiving a complete finale.

Benoist has stated that she enjoys working with her Arrowverse co-stars and that she plans to leave the programme with good friends. This is an even better indication that she may return in the future. Supergirl could easily fit that kind of role, as crossover events have become a mainstay of the Arrowverse at this point; and characters have come and gone across them over the years.

There’s also the upcoming second season of the new Superman & Lois programme; which would be another obvious location for Kara to appear. Her interactions with other CW characters, from The Flash to Batwoman to Superman; have already created the groundwork for her comeback in any of the current programmes; so it’s just a matter of getting it done when the moment is perfect for everyone concerned.

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