Who Is Bryce Hall?

Bryce Hall is an American social media personality who is known for his TikToks and YouTube channel. He is 21-years-old and also a musical artist and boasts more than 19 million followers on TikTok and 3.58 million subscribers on YouTube.

The social media star has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He is best known for his popularity on Instagram and also for his on-again-off-again relationship with Addison Rae.

Full Name:Bryce Michael Hall
Born:14th August 1999
Country of Origin:America
Source of Wealth:TikTok Star/ YouTuber/ Boxing
Net Worth:$2 Million
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    Early Life

    Bryce was born in the year 1999 and he was raised by his mother, Lisa in Maryland. His full name is Bryce Michael Hall and he started his journey to fame from YouNow. According to Bryce, his social media activity increased because he was bullied in high school. The TikTok star originally. He started live streaming to make friends after being bullied. YouNow was a broadcasting platform that was extremely popular before the rise of Instagram Live.

    Back in 2014, he started gaining popularity on social media platforms like Vine and Musical.ly. He had about 30,000 followers before Vine shut down in 2016. Bryce was active on all social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram as his popularity increased. He used to attend social media conventions back when he was in Maryland like Press Play. That is when he started to meet creators and collaborated with them.

    The social media star then started his YouTube channel in 2015. When Musical.ly was popular, Bryce was very active and well-known among other creators. However, he still continued to attend high school in Maryland. His online profile kept growing as it almost measured up to the most popular stars on the lip-syncing platform.

    Bryce also found success on YouTube especially after he collaborated with other fan favourites. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career, from his home in Maryland. In 2019, the Youtuber was featured in a documentary called Jawline which showcased the beginning of his career. It also showed his legal scandals with his former manager, Michael Weist. The name might be familiar as it is synonymous with TanaCon. It was the failed convention he organized with YouTuber Tana Mongeau. After the 3-day event scandal, Weist was seen in the Hulu documentary alongside Bryce.

    How Much Money Does Bryce Hall Make?

    Up until 2020, Bryce’s four main sources of income came from the social media sites he is so active on. Along with Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok, his source of income also comes from his Merch shop. His fan base keeps increasing every day since 2014. So, as per his income, his net worth is an estimated $2 million. He is referred to as a TikToker because his followers on the social media app are more than any of his other accounts.

    Bryce features other TikTok stars as he posts comedic content, dance videos and lip-syncing videos. It is presumed that his earnings on TikTok for a post are around $3,000 from brand partnerships. As per Celebs Fortune, Bryce brings in almost $8,000 from every post. Even Youtube contributes a lot to his millionaire status as he receives almost 150,000 views every day. If we were to presume his earning as per the number of views he receives, he will be earning $800 every day.

    In total, along with advertisements, he will be earning $292,000 from YouTube every year. Bryce’s merchandise line, Party Animal, includes almost 10 different shirts and sweatshirts to purchase. The sweatshirts are on average $50 and the t-shirts $25. His line has had a ton of success and provided to building his brand online as well as developing the total of his net worth.

    Bryce Hall’s Career Highlights

    1. Bryce was featured in a documentary called Jawline back in 2019

    2. He has over 21.3 million followers on TikTok, 3.58 subscribers on Youtube, and 7.4 Million followers on Instagram.

    3. Bryce was a member of the Sway House which was formed by Talent X.

    4. Launched his own podcast in 2020 called Capital University.

    5. He sells his own merchandise through the Party Animal brand.

    6. Signed by talent agency TalentXEntertainment.

    Famous Quotes From Bryce Hall

    1. “my old musicallys will forever haunt me in my career.”- Bryce Hall
    2. “confidence is everything.” – Bryce Hall
    3. “i just don’t care” – Bryce Hall
    4. “smile kid” – Bryce Hall
    5. “i thought a bitch that lost the baddest bitch said sum.” – Bryce Hall
    6. “do people still even know Austin McBroom?.” – Bryce Hall

    11 Things You Didn’t Know About Bryce Hall

    1. His real name is Bryce Michael Hall.

    2. He is from Maryland and was raised in Elliot City.

    3. Bryce attended Howard High School and graduated in 2016.

    4. He was bullied in school as he described himself as being “nerdy” and also claimed to not have any friends.

    5. Bryce’s first viral TikTok included Sean Kingston back in 2019 and it has gained more than 20 million views.

    6. He is a big fan of Logan Paul and has expressed his desire to work with him once.

    7. Bryce was in a movie called Jawline which was a Hulu documentary and he was briefly featured on the project.

    8. He has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and has confessed that he does not hear much wherever he is other than paying attention to subtle things.

    9. His career did not begin on TikTok. He was first on the live-streaming platform called YouNow. He had 30k followers on Vine before it shut down.

    10. Bryce was arrested after being involved in a few controversial situations. His recent arrest included him being arrested along with Jaden Hossler. They were arrested while driving through Texas on a road trip and they are being charged with drug-related offenses.

    11. His previous manager was Michael Weist. Sounds familiar? He is the reason behind the controversial convention, TanaCon along with Tana Mongeau.

    Bryce Hall’s Relationship Status

    The influencer was previously dating influencer Elle Danjean a few months back in 2019. He, later on, started dating influencer, Addison Rae. The couple had kept their relationship under wraps as Bryce revealed in a podcast with Jake Paul how different he and Addison are. However, it was later confirmed that the pair were dating in a YouTube video posted on Addison’s channel.

    She revealed that they began dating on October 13th, 2020 but went their separate ways this year in March. The reason for their breakup has not been revealed, however, there were rumors about Bryce cheating on Addison which led to their split. In an interview on the BBFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards podcast, Bryce confirmed that he broke up with Addison because he “was just not in the mindset for a relationship,” citing the false Vegas cheating allegations as part of the reason. Initially, they did not plan to announce their break-up on social media, but Addison slipped up and called Bryce her ex-boyfriend in an interview.

    Bryce Hall, a TikTok and YouTube celebrity, is not currently dating anyone. However, his romance with Addison Rae, as well as their subsequent breakup, is still very fresh in the eyes of his followers.


    The social media star was the client of Michael since 2017 along with other stars. In the documentary, it was shown that Bryce was shown collaborating with other rising stars. However, he was shown to be reluctant to collaborate without his former manager’s guidance. Bryce was popular on Musical.ly at that time, which transitioned into TikTok. He was already going on tours and meeting fans at the meet-and-greets.

    In the documentary, we can see Bryce trying to grow his following through time. This comes until he is seen breaking into a legal fight with Michael. The TikTok star had accused the former manager of deleting his vlog channel and hacking his Twitter. Along with Bryce, another influencer named Mikey Barone accused Michael of predatory touching. However, they were sued by the former manager for defamation and Michael claimed that he has professionally separated from Bryce.

    In May 2020, Bryce and fellow Sway House member Jaden Hossler were arrested for ownership of marijuana while on a road trip in Texas. According to Insider, Bryce was charged with possession of fewer than two ounces of marijuana, which is punishable in Texas by up to 180 days in county jail or a fine of up to $2,000. Both Bryce and Jaden were released after posting a combined $11,500 bail.

    Bryce was also in the middle of another controversy when he received immense backlash after his 21st birthday party. This was because it took place in the middle of a global pandemic. Over 100 people attended the party without masks and it also included strippers. This scandal was so huge that it caught the attention of the Mayor of Los Angeles and utilities were shut off in his rented house.

    Bryce Hall’s Boxing Career

    Hall had a Twitter dispute with Austin McBroom around the beginning of March 2021. A match had been set up between them. On March 18, 2021, the undercard of the match was renamed YouTubers vs TikTokers, with Hall representing the TikTok side.

    During the event’s question and answer period, a fight broke out on stage between McBroom and Hall. McBroom defeated Hall by TKO on June 12, 2021. “I’m not a contender, I never professed to be a warrior,” the Corridor would declare in the post-talk. Later, according to a Keemstar interview with Bryce Hall, he wanted to indicate he isn’t a boxer.


    Bryce Hall is an inspiration to people who have just started out on social media to become an influencer, who has thoroughly used their platform to grow themselves. The social media star is 21 years old and is known for his content creation on Vine, TikTok, and YouTube. He is also known for the many controversies and feuds with other influencers.

    You can follow Bryce Hall on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.


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