Where is Lucas? WayV Fans Wonder Why Only 6 Members Feature in Year-End Merch

Where is Lucas? WayV Fans Wonder Why Only 6 Members Feature in Year-End Merch

Fans of NCT’s Lucas Wong have been missing him more and more as the days pass since he was forced to take a break due to charges of gaslighting from his alleged former partners.

Lucas of WayV said on August 25 that he will take an indefinite vacation to reflect on his past acts concerning charges of gaslighting by former lovers. Lucas’ agency, SM Entertainment, issued an official statement at the time after not one, but four alleged victims came forward with supposed ‘evidence’ of how Lucas misled them and cheated on them with one other.

Fans of Lucas tried everything they could to disprove the storey, claiming it was all a ruse to discredit the idol. Fans recruited Cyber Security team investigators, who revealed the identities of all the accusers and revealed more details about how all four supposed victims falsified the allegations.

SM Entertainment did not dispute or accept the charges, and they provided no more information concerning Lucas’ activities with his groups, despite a valiant effort by fans. The label responded to the continuous allegations against Lucas on the day he was set to release his single, Jalapeno, a duet with WayV member Hendery.

They also took him off the air for an indefinite period of time. Following that, fans saw that, as a result of Lucas’s involvement in the incident, the other WayV members’ scheduled activities were also disrupted. As a result of one member’s activities causing pain to the other six members of the group, many fans took sides.

Fans Question SM About Lucas

With SM Entertainment remaining tight-lipped about the matter and the scandal’s fire dissipating, many began to believe that the problem had been fixed in recent months. SM Entertainment has sparked a lot of speculation among fans, who are concerned that Lucas may be quietly dismissed from NCT and the WayV sub-unit.

With the exception of Lucas, SM Entertainment issued the 2021 Season’s Greetings for WayV on November 1. SM had unveiled the merch for NCT’s 2021 project with only 22 members earlier in October. Both of these instances enraged Lucas supporters because the label made no announcement or explanation concerning the absence of Lucas or his future plans as a member.

Fans started talking about the issue by trending, “Where is Lucas?” on Twitter as they talked about how they felt about the situation. One fan demanded answers as they asked, “Why Lucas is excluded from NCT merch? He’s in Hiatus yh. But isn’t he still in NCT ? @SMTOWNGLOBAL why the heck should he be removed from merch? Where’s the investigation now?” Another fan said, “SM WHERE TF IS LUCAS??? EXPLAIN.”

One fan pointed, “Y’all be saying ‘why’re you asking where is lucas, don’t you know he’s on a hiatus” like bruh we need to know when he’ll be back cuz he’s gone long enough so yes. where is my boy lucas? bring him back.? Another fan said, “Where is lucas? I know lucas on hiatus, But who knows if we keep looking for lucas then SM will reduce his hiatus schedule. I’m not ready to have to wait for lucas for a year or more.”

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