What transpired with The Miz and Dexter Lumis when WWE RAW was no longer broadcast?

Dexter Lumis has been torturing The Miz for the past three weeks.

Dexter has previously abducted The Miz and dragged The A-Lister from an arena while hiding in the trunk of his car.

What happened during the last edition of Monday Night RAW?

During tonight’s major event, Lumis made a spectacular entrance. In a steel cage, Bobby Lashley challenged The Miz for the United States Championship.

Tommaso Ciampa, who was watching the battle from the stands, kept launching cheap blows at the champion. Dexter Lumis slid out from under the ring in an amazing camera shot, giving The Miz the impression that he had the match in hand. The A-Lister quickly reentered the ring and was struck with a Spear by Lashley, giving him the pinfall victory. Lashley is still the national champion of the USA.

After RAW ends, Dexter Lumis kidnaps The Miz

The Miz was making a last-ditch effort to escape and crawl towards the steel entrance as Dexter ascended the cage of steel. Miz was choked out in the centre of the ring by Lumis after he caught up to him. As RAW ended, he then gave Miz a pet-like pat on the top of the head.

When the steel cage was mentioned after RAW, Dexter seized the chance to abduct the two-time WWE Champion. He dragged The Miz to the outside after slipping out of the ring like a snake. Dexter walked backstage while carrying The Miz on his shoulder.

When Dexter Lumis unexpectedly returned to WWE a few weeks ago, it ignited social media. Since then, he has appeared in various scenes as the background and has even stood at the ringside before being dragged away by WWE security. However, WWE’s security personnel was unable to prevent the Tortured Artist from acting during tonight’s show of Raw.

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Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis reunite during last month’s ending NXT show

The shift in the once-stale WWE product has been exhilarating to see for fans since Triple H has taken over as the company’s creative director. The faction known as The Way was one of the strongest aspects of the NXT transition that saw the black and gold period replaced by the flash and new personalities of NXT 2.0. The Way was the ideal combination of stars of the present in Gargano and LeRae as well as stars of the future in Theory and Hartwell. It included NXT superstar Johnny Gargano, his wife Candice LeRae, future Money in the Bank winner Austin Theory, and newcomer Indi Hartwell. The heel faction provided lots of fun. Yes, they were terrible guys, but not in a serious way. Their activities contained a great deal of comedic delight.

Indi and the NXT audience are aware that Dexter has a gentle heart hidden beneath the harsh demeanour, however Raw viewers have only seen the psychotic side of him. Over the past year, he and Indi had a very charming love story. They even exchanged vows on a very special NXT programme. Fans, however, weren’t convinced that InDex would ever get back together once Dexter left NXT.

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