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What If The Spider-Man Story Was Too Dark For The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

For Marvel’s What If…?, one Spider-Man narrative was deemed too dark. Marvel’s What If..? is based on a popular idea from the comic books. uses the Multiverse to present viewers to weird, warped versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe they know and love. Peggy Carter, rather than Steve Rogers, becomes a super-soldier in one timeline. Tony Stark teams up with Killmonger and even a Marvel Cinematic Universe based on the “Marvel Zombies” comics.

Naturally, Marvel Studios did not approve all of the ideas. A.C., the main writer, Bradley said that he had a “What If…” moment.

The plot was too similar to that of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. As a result, 3 had to be dropped. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios made the correct decision not to allow the creative team to use Star Wars characters, asking that the two properties be kept separate.

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Too dark for MCU

A.C. Bradley has now highlighted another concept that was dropped – because it was too dark for the MCU – in an interview with the Post-Credit Podcast.

There were a few episodes that were a little too bleak. There was an initial ‘What If’ run in which Spider-Man transforms into a real spider, but it was far too dark and brutal for… PG-13.

It’s no surprise that Marvel Studios chose to make films based on comic books like What If…? The next MCU animated series should not be inspired by issues #88 and #4 of the Edge of Spider-Verse. What if Marvel’s What If…? Although there are certain horror elements in the film, particularly with the “Marvel Zombies” concepts, the company does not want children to be terrified of Spider-Man.

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