Andrew Wiggins and the Golden State Warriors seem like a match made in heaven. Prior to joining the Dubs, Wiggs was struggling to find his 

place in the league. Of course, he was playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, but he was more or less stuck there.

But when the Warriors decided to trade for Wiggins, it unlocked the door of success for the former first overall pick. Since joining the Warriors, he has been nothing but amazing.

He made his first-ever NBA All-Star appearance and has been elemental in the success of the Warriors in the 2022 playoffs.

In Game 5 of 2022 NBA Finals, where Stephen Curry was struggling to get going, Wiggins took charge of the Warriors' offense and played a crucial role in helping the Dubs win the game.

In the postgame conference, Draymond Green revealed that Wiggins had Jimmy Butler's seal of approval, which was more than enough for him to know how amazing of a player Andrew was.

Draymond said, "Thibs was like, 'You guys are gonna love him, He competes, he defends.' And he was telling us Jimmy loved him. We all know how 

Jimmy Butler is. If you’ve got any softness to you then Jimmy don’t like you. That's just how Jimmy is."

Jimmy Butler is someone who isn't easy to impress for the reasons that Green mentioned in the video. But since Wiggins won Butler's approval, then he must really be a hard worker.