Vlog Squad’s Durte Dom Flaunts A Gun; Fans Livid As He Gets Arrested News

Vlog Squad’s Durte Dom Flaunts A Gun; Fans Livid As He Gets Arrested

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Time icon August 18, 2021

Vlog Squad member Durte Dom has recently posted videos of himself holding a firearm and speeding on his social media handle. He was allegedly going 75 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone.

This comes after the influencer went for a short break from YouTube. He was accused by a young woman of sexual assault earlier this year. The woman claimed she was “too intoxicated to consent” while also being under the drinking age.

David Dobrik, the Vlog Squad leader and Durte’s longtime friend had even recorded a now-deleted video showing the latter leading the woman to his bedroom. Dobrik, Nick Antonyan and Jeff Wittek open the door to spectate. Durte had responded to these allegations with a statement as he said, “With that being said, as far as I am concerned, everything that occurred during the night in question was completely consensual.”

The Vlog Squad member commented after David announced his return as he stated that he cannot wait for his comeback. However, now the influencer has shared a photo of a firearm with the caption, “Got this for my haters. Hank Hank Hank.” His associate shared images of Durte being pulled over and the amount posted for their bail. The image of the firearm has been blurred.


Many users took to social media as they commented on Durte’s actions. Some even questioned his arrest but it is still unclear if he has a criminal record. A user described him as “deranged” and asked what is wrong with him. They questioned whether he is trying to say he is going to shoot his haters.

Another user stated that he is spiralling while another said that he probably got arrested for having a gun as a felon. Users continued to question what is wrong with him and why is he there. It is still unclear if Durte Dom will be facing a court date for his reckless driving or having a firearm in possession.

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