Valkyrae Reveals That Her Mental Health Is Doing ‘Okay’ Following The RFLCT Drama

Valkyrae, the ‘Queen of Streaming’ had quite a few rough weeks following the launch of her skincare line RFLCT. The streamer launched RFLCT claiming that the products aim to prevent the harm caused by Blue Light from monitor screens.

However, she received a lot of backlash from the internet as users claim that the RFLCT brand was ‘pseudo science’ and was not backed by any scientific evidence.

RFLCT Controversy

Following weeks of criticism, controversy, and drama, Valkyrae effectively terminated her RFLCT project. Since then, the streamer was in a very bad state of health and even revealed that she was seeing a therapist.

She told that the ‘mental damage’ and trauma was too much to handle and she is seeing a therapist for recovery.

“[After the RFLCT controversy], I became very depressed. I have depression,” the star continued. “I’ve really been having a bad time… I do think I have mental damage from all of this, for sure. I got very lucky in that there wasn’t a lawsuit [for the break] or anything, but I’m still in a terrible mental place.

But now, after a week has passed by since her aforementioned statament, Valkyrae seems to be coming back on track, in terms of her streams as well as her mental health.

When a viewer asked Valkyrae about her situation, she said that she was doing much better now and does not want the RFLCT drama to hinder her anymore.

‘I’m Going Up’

“How’s my mental health been? Um, my mental health is the same,” she said. “I have a lot of anxiety, but I don’t know how much of that is being caused by just me being unhealthy. I’m super unhealthy right now.”

“My mental is okay. It’s not nearly as terrible as it was when I was going through it those two weeks. I was having really dark thoughts, but I don’t have those thoughts anymore.”

“I’m in more of a positive mindset than a negative mindset. I’m more grateful for the things that I do have. I have a lot to be grateful for. So, I feel like something like this… I don’t want to let it hinder me anymore.”

“I’ve got to start taking care of myself because physically and mentally I’m just like, blah. But yeah, overall, I’m going up. I’m going up!”

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