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Usman Mukhtar Postpones The Release Of His Short Film ‘Bench’

Usman Mukhtar’s short film “Bench” featured actor Rubya Chaudhry. The short film was also previously listed and nominated for the Cannes International Independent Film Festival.

Usman Mukhtar had earlier decided to release his short film “Bench” on May 20, 2021 on Youtube.

Why The Delay?

Unfortunately, due to all the present circumstances around the world Usman Mukhtar has decided to delay the release of his short film which was to be released on May 20.

“Hello everyone! As you might have heard, our film ‘Bench’ was set to release on Youtube on 20th of May. However, as excited as we are to show you our work, we are beyond devastated seeing all the atrocities being carried out in Palestine. In wake of the unfolding events and out of respect for the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, we have decided to delay the release. Will release in happier times, InshaAllah. I would also like to take this opportunity to request everyone reading this to please pray for the people suffering and keep sharing anything you can on social media. It helps more than we know. If you have a voice, a platform, a following, you must use it, Thank You!” wrote Usman Mukhtar.

Accolades And Achievements

The film won in July at the South Shore Film Festival in New York and was nominated before that in the best short film category at the Independent Short Awards festival in Los Angeles, USA.

It explores the struggles faced by a coupled played by Chaudhry and Mukhtar. At the moment, the film is doing festival rounds. It will be screened in Pakistan soon. 

The film is directed by Mukhtar and written by Ali Mudar. You can watch its trailer on YouTube.

‘Stray Dogs Come Out At Night’

Another Pakistani short film to look out for is Stray Dogs Come Out at Night.

The film has been selected to be showcased at the Oscar-qualifying Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films 2020. It has also been nominated for two awards as part of the festival — Best Live Action Short and Vimeo Staff Pick Award.

The film revolves around ideas of toxic masculinity, migration and urban loneliness.

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