Tyson Fury Says That Logan Paul Can ‘Suck My B*lls

The influencer boxing trend shows no signs of slowing down. What started out as YouTubers Vs YouTubers slowly turned into YouTubers Vs TikTokers. But now, the Paul brothers have completely changed the face of influencer boxing by locking horns with professional fighters inside that boxing ring.

Logan Paul, the elder brother has fought Floyd Mayweather for eight rounds. Meanwhile, Jake Paul has faced off against professional UFC fighters like Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. Jake Paul’s next challenge is Tommy Fury, the brother of Heavyweight bxoing champion Tyson Fury.

‘Gypsy King Will Fall’

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury is all set to go ahead on December 18th. While the younger brother is going to fight Tommy, Logan Paul took a moment to call out Tyson Fury for a boxing match of their own.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Logan Paul said “Tyson, after my brother knocks your brother out, I’m coming for that ass, I swear to god I’m gonna take you down, I don’t care if I need a f**king tractor. Gypsy King will fall.”

And guess what? Tyson Fury has finally responded to the call out of Logan Paul for a boxing match. It seems like Tyson in no way or form is encouraging or hinting towards getting in the ring with Logan Paul.

Tyson Fury Calls Logan A ‘P**sy’

Upon being asked about the two Paul brothers, he said :

“Jake Paul and his brother are two p**sies,” he went on to say. “So, Tommy could beat them both on one night.”

Responding to Logan Paul calling him out for a boxing match, Tyson said that “Logan can suck my b*lls. Yeah but, Tommy would batter them both. I’m sure when he beats the one brother, the other one will wanna fight him, and then he can fight him as well.”

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