Logan Paul Challenges Tyson Fury For A Boxing Match

The world of influencer boxing has been taken to the next level by the Paul brothers. With grand boxing events, the two have proven that there is nothing that they cannot do.

From being dominating names on YouTube to dominating the world of influencer boxing, Jake and Logan Paul are the epitome of ‘anything is possible’. After Logan Paul fought the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather in early 2021, he is now eyeing to fight Tyson Fury, the current WBC heavyweight champion of the world.

‘I’m Gonna Take You Down’

Meanwhile, Jake Paul, the younger brother of Logan is set to fight Tyson’s younger brother Tommy Fury on December 18. Both the fighters are undefeated and on the bout day, one shall fall.

Logan Paul took to his Instagram stories and called out Tyson Fury. He said “Tyson, after my brother knocks your brother out, I’m coming for that ass, I swear to god I’m gonna take you down, I don’t care if I need a f**king tractor. Gypsy King will fall.”

Logan Paul to 'take Tyson Fury down' after Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight -  Manchester Evening News

Tyson Fury has not responded to the public call out of Logan Paul so far. However, we certainly know that he will be present at the December 18 fight of his brother Tommy against Jake Paul. He flew to the United States to train his brother, Tommy Fury for the fight.

Logan Paul Vs Mike Tyson Rumors

Logan Paul has also been rumored to be going in the ring with Mike Tyson in February 2022. He addressed the claims and said that he believes he can beat Mike Tyson.

But why is the fight not happening? It seems like Logan Paul is not very much interested in beating up Mike Tyson as he is an ‘old man’ now. Here is what Logan Paul said:

“It’s a legacy thing and I think I’d beat him, I really do,” Paul said. “A lot of people laugh, but I’d f**king beat him. He’s just too old.”

“At the same time if you beat up Mike Tyson, a living legend, the narrative is you beat up an old man,” Paul explained.

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