Tyson Fury Knocks Out Dillian Whyte With An Upper Cut In Round 6

Millions of fans enjoyed the long-awaited heavyweight title fight at the Wembley Stadium in London. British heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte came up to fight champion Tyson Fury. The WBC title fight and The Ring heavyweight title become a reality.

Fury, who was 31-0-1 coming into the fight, came out on top winning by KO defeating Deontay Wilder in a three-point clash.

Meanwhile, Whyte, who was 28-2 coming into the fight, was returning to the ring after a year-long absence recording his TKO victory in his rematch with Alexander Povetkin. In addition, ‘The Gypsy King’ has said the fight will be his last paid boxing match, meaning retirement. However, ‘The Body Snatcher’ does not seem to believe what Fury had to say about retirement.

No doubt, all of this added to the subtleties of this war. So, there were a lot of eyes on this major heavyweight event.

The Gypsy King retained his throne against Dillian Whyte

Whyte came in with the music of Led Zeppelin and welcomed him into the ring. However, Fury’s entry was no small feat for the emperor’s entry. Don Mclean’s song ‘American Pie’ which was played at the entrance of Fury was immersed in the excitement of the crowds.

His entry ended with him sitting on a gold chair, followed by the singing of the national anthem by Laura Wright of English soprano.

The first round started slowly. Both fighters used the round as a test operation. Fury was seen using slow left jabs and parrying. Whyte, on the other hand, seemed extremely annoyed by the powerful jabs. However, Fury managed to pull hard on Whyte’s jaw. This brought Whyte closer, as he saw Fury’s accessibility.

The second round saw Whyte resign from the Orthodox state and Fury replaced Southpaw. Whyte managed to shoot a lot of photos at Fury, even putting Fury on the ropes. Similarly, the third round also saw Whyte shooting a corpse and trying to close the gap.

The tense situation escalated in the fourth round, with the two sharing a name war after Whyte hit Fury on the elbow, prompting the referee to separate the two. Fury got into an attacking game, mixed the attack and almost got into an argument. As the two went to the ropes, the referee struggled to separate them. In addition, the referee warned both fighters.

The referee had a conversation with the two before the fifth round to calm down. Fury kept the distance by keeping Whyte away from the jabs. A few powerful Fury shots made Whyte hesitate at his feet and unable to close the gap.

However, the sixth round strengthened Fury’s position as the reigning champion. Fury, who took his time, saw the opportunity and cast out a debilitating hell. Whyte is also a victim of his extreme weakness, the uppercut, to drive him out.

Fury was declared the winner by TKO, thus retaining his heavyweight titles and reportedly retired as a champion.

Ashvinkumar Patil is a Sports Journalist, who likes to use his great writing skills to curate articles about Pro Wrestling here at Clout News.