Twitch Streamer Kkatamina Shocked After Valkyrae Gifts Her $5k Subscribers

The ‘Queen of Streaming’ has proved yet again why she is one of the most loved female streamers on the planet. Valkyrae’s streams are full of entertainment and fun.

Recently, she helped one of her fellow streamers Miyoung Kkatamina’s Twitch subathon by gifting her $5,000 worth of Twitch subscribers.

‘She’s Going Crazy’

Kkatamina is currently dedicated to her Twitch subathon and it has already been few days since she has been streaming non-stop. Every time a support is shown by a viewer in the form of gifted subs and Twitch bits, the countdown of the subathon increases by a certain time.

Valkyrae decided to add few more hours to Kkatamina’s Twitch subathon by donating loads of subscribers to her. After the donation popped up on Miyoung’s stream, she was left stunned.

“Oh my god, she’s actually insane, she’s going crazy,” the streamer said as Valkyrae dubbed herself ‘Oprae’ in reference to Oprah’s gift-giving.

“Oprae, please stop. Oprae, no more,” Miyoung added, begging her pal to stop. “Oh god, I’m actually getting light-headed. Oprae, don’t! You can stop.”

Pokimane Gifted Aria Saki Twitch Subs As well

Big streamers usually gift their fellow streamers subscribers. Recently, Pokimane gifted 1000 subscribers to Aria Saki.

“Poki, this is not OK, girl, what the heck? She’s not stopping!” Aria said.

“Poki, what are you doing, you’re drunk! Go home!” Saki added.

Ari Saki showed her gratitude to this fantastic gift by Pokimane by writing her name on her chest. She took to Twitter and wrote “the 1000 gifted was worth it”.

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