Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx Hints On Making A Comeback

Indiefoxx was one of the fastest growing Twitch streamers when she got permanently banned from the platform in June of 2021. However, the streamer has now hinted that she might be making a comeback on the platform.

Jenelle ‘Indiefoxx’ Dagres rose to fame with her bold and entertaining Twitch streams that helped her amass over 2 million followers in less than a span of twelve months. All of this came to a halt when she was banned permanently from the platform.

‘Coming Back Soon’

Indiefoxx then focused on selling clips as NFTs after she could no longer stream on Twitch. She also built a massive followers base on TikTok but alas, got suspended from their as well. Currently, she is streaming at times on YouTube and had tried to make a grand comeback on the long-format video platform in early October.

In a recent tweet that the streamer sent out, she wrote ‘Coming Back Soon’ along with a [red heart] emoji. While the message is vague and cryptic, fans and followers think that she is hinting towards her return to Twitch in the coming days. Indiefoxx did not specify any date but the internet community feels that her comeback on Twitch is now inevitable.

Twitch Success

After the former Twitch star was banned, she said “A lot of bad stuff happened to me lately. But I don’t complain, I just find solutions and keep my head up. If you guys thought I was taking a break, you’d be mistaken. Success doesn’t sleep and I’m grinding every minute.”

At the time of her ban from Twitch, her channel had 27.8k subscribers and more than 2 million followers. Indiefoxx was permanently suspended from Twitch because of her content that violated the community guidelines. These were mainly due to the star’s content which often courted an “NSFW” element, including hot tub broadcasts or her lying in bed for ASMR streams.

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