Twitch Streamer Destiny Promotes NFTs Just A Week After Criticizing Them

Twitch streamer Destiny has found himself in hot waters after he did an advertisement for NFTs on his stream, just days after calling the digital art craze a ‘pyramid scheme and scam.’

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it has been gaining crazy momentum since few months. But are they really as valuable as they sell for?

Social media personalities have been active in the blockchain space recently and it is just bringing in more and more people to ride the trend. However, twitch streamer Destiny feels otherwise.

Destiny Said NFTs Are Sh*t

Destiny, who is one of the best gaming and current affairs streamers, feels that NFTs are ‘fuck**g wothless’ and ‘sh*t’. He labelled the sellers as scammers and compared the whole NFT craze to that of a ‘pyramid scheme’.

While he did say that NFTs are ‘scam’ less than week ago, the streamer was seen promoting NFTs on his stream. In his November 4 stream, Destiny read out a sponsored ad for Eternal. And if you do not know what Eternal is, it is actually a website that sells Twitch clips as NFTs on the blockchain.

Destiny Promotes NFTs

The company described the product on their website as, “Eternal Moments are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), whose uniqueness and rarity are guaranteed by the blockchain.”

In the advertisement, the streamer said “the idea behind this is you can basically buy and sell Twitch clips, and you can get an NFT that you get autographed by the streamer who the clip is of.”

After Destiny did an ad for Eternal, fans and followers started trolling him for not being a man of his words. One user said “This is REALLY funny. Imagine giving up the moral high ground for THIS, and so flagrantly. Man must be in seriously dire straits to need this cash” while another revealed that he has been banned from Destiny’s Twitch channel for calling the streamer out for hypocrisy.

One user said “Lmao the whole ‘living your principles’ memes with Hasan are so much funnier now.”

Do you think there is hypocrisy in the action of Destiny given his past opinion about NFTs? Tell us what do you think about non-fungible tokens and the entire story in the comments.

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