Twitch Streamer Destiny Says NFTs Are Fuc*ing Sh*t And Scammers Promote It

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has been in the hype for the past one year or so. Along with that also came the NFT craze.

What Are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it has been gaining crazy momentum since few months. But are they really as valuable as they sell for?

Non Fungible Token, in simple terms, is a digital art that people buy on the blockchain. For instance, Logan Paul sold his CryptoZoo NFTs.

They were just digital assets and people made thousands of dollars to own them. You and me both can see the picture but there will be one person who will pay to own that picture and has his//her name registered on the blockchain. That’s NFTs for you. Logan Paul was accused of scamming others with his CryptoZoo NFT as well.

Destiny Says NFTs are ‘SH*T’

Social media personalities have been active in the blockchain space recently and it is just bringing in more and more people to ride the trend. However, twitch streamer Destiny feels otherwise.

Destiny, who is one of the best gaming and current affairs streamers, feels that NFTs are ‘fuck**g wothless’ and ‘sh*t’. He labelled the sellers as scammers and compared the whole NFT craze to that of a ‘pyramid scheme’.

In one of his latest streams, the streamer gave his two cents on the whole ongoing craze of digital arts. He seemed the least interested in the new world investments because he feels it depends on one owner trying to find another ‘sucker’ to buy their NFT.

What Else Did He Say?

“NFTs are the zoomers Avon. That’s all it is, bro. It’s the exact same s**t. You’re buying some worthless f***ing s**t, with the hops you can pawn it off on some other loser in the future, who thinks they can pawn it off on somebody else. It’s all pyramid scheme bulls**t. That’s what it is.”

“Every single person on the internet that is pushing NFTs is just trying to find a bigger sucker. That’s it. That’s all it is. Every one of them. Basically scammers.”

Do you think there is any truth to Destiny’s opinion? Tell us what do you think about non-fungible tokens in the comments.

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