Trisha Paytas Takes Shots At David & The Vlog Squad Again News

Trisha Paytas Takes Shots At David & The Vlog Squad Again

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Time icon August 14, 2021

Trisha Paytas knows how to hold a grudge as she does not forgive or forget. The influencer was previously dating one of the members, Jason Nash. They were also associated with the Vlog Squad for a short period in 2018.

During their time in the squad, Trisha was also part of multiple pranks at the hands of David Dobrik. This also involved inappropriate jokes involving Trisha and Jason. They had talked about the past allegations against David and the Vlog Squad on their Enemies podcast.

Both David and Jason were accused of sexual assault by former Vlog Squad member, Seth Francois. Dom Zegalities was accused of sexual assault by a young woman. The woman was also a part of the influencer’s vlog. She had also asked David to delete the video, however, the YouTuber allegedly offered her a sum of money to keep the video up.

Trisha discussed David on the Enemies podcast. At that time, Trisha showed a video of an alleged guest from David’s party after they got COVID-19. They shared that they do not like that they are trying to shift the blame on a friend who’s no longer in the group.

Trisha added, “David lied to the Rolling Stone reporter, saying he didn’t hang out with Dom after that when there’s proof of him hanging out in March 2020. Bulls**t, they’re bulls**t. It’s a messed up shit, and I still think the thing with Seth hasn’t really… I’m not Seth; I can’t speak for him, but it was so public and nothing from David or Jason, actually.”

The influencer stated that David did not give an apology to Seth. Trisha had also responded to Natalie Mariduena’s statement about the Vlog Squad leader. They said, “He was an accomplice, and he was actually like the main driving point, the main reason, and he put it all over the internet to see.”

Trisha further talked about Vlog Squad member, Jeff Wittek’s accident. Jeff had claimed that David “almost killed (him)”. Neither David nor the Vlog Squad has commented on Trisha’s claims.

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