Jason Nash Ignores Assault Allegations, Jokes About Daughter Causing Outrage Among Fans News

Jason Nash Ignores Assault Allegations, Jokes About Daughter Causing Outrage Among Fans

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Time icon August 4, 2021

Jason Nash has made his fans upset recently after making a rather awkward joke about his daughter. He has also continued to ignore the assault allegations that have been surrounding him by Seth Francois.

The comedian is known to be a part of David Dobrik’s life and has appeared on almost all of David’s vlogs. Jason has gained his own fan base because of that. But David was not the only reason for him to gain fame. He also got his share of fame for his previous relationship with Trisha Paytas. However, he was criticized online for publicly body-shaming her.

The actor posted a video on Youtube which was titled Traveling to Chicago with Best Friends! He shared how he and the Vlog Squad were having the time of their lives in the city. However, he came under fire after discussing an odd ultimatum where he had to choose between working with David and spending time with his 12-year-old daughter, Charley.

Jason responded saying he was lucky to have the job that he does but would hate the idea of being away from his kids. He said, “I am so lucky I get to do this job, right? Is that what you’re supposed to say? I am lucky. I just don’t like to leave my kids, that’s all. Would I rather be in David’s vlog or be on the beach with Charley? I rather be on the beach with Charley. Sorry, David’s vlog. Fortunately, Charley doesn’t pay me very well.”

” They go to work and they’re probably excited to leave you because you’re horrible.”

The comedian further went on to joke about his daughter’s finances. In his attempt to make the viewers laugh, he called his daughter broke with no foreseeable income. But after choosing to be with his daughter on the beach, he changed his statement seconds later. His reasoning was that David’s vlog would be his choice for financial reasons.

However, that was not the end of his joke. He did clarify how he hopes it came out as a joke but went on to say that these are the facts. Jason said, “To support the both of us. I hope that came out as a joke. These are the facts. You gotta work. You got parents right? They go to work and they’re probably excited to leave you because you’re horrible. I’m just kidding.”

His fans, however, did not take this as a joke and began to slam him on Instagram. They called him out for making weird jokes about his daughter and ignoring the assault allegations that have been on him. I mean, that is not the most subtle way to joke about your daughter, right? Do you think he went over the line with this one?

For those of you who are unaware, Jason assaulted Seth in 2018 as a part of David’s vlogs. This scene had Seth thinking he would be kissing a fully-masked Corinna Kopf but was disappointed when Jason was on the other side. However, things went south when Seth accused the comedian of taking the gag too seriously.

Seth alleged that the actor was being forceful towards him and even groped him. The former Vlog Squad member shared this in the Frenemies podcast and said it was humiliating to him. Since then, David has apologized to him but Jason has not. Many users also accused Jason of “chasing clout” and allegedly taking his children to a minibar. But the majority of the focus was on the assault allegations which seemed to have gone on deaf ears.

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