Tom Holland admits that the plane stunt in Uncharted is the “hardest” action ever worked on

Tom Holland talks about how the aircraft stunt in Uncharted is the most difficult action sequence he’s ever done in a new behind-the-scenes video. Holland plays Nathan Dark, a teen adventurer, and Mark Wahlberg plays his instructor Victor “Sully” in the action-adventure film.

Uncharted is based on the same-named Naughty Dog video game series, and it follows Nathan Drake and Sully as they team up to find a renowned buried treasure before the nasty fortune hunter Moncada gets his hands on it. According to Screenrant, Drake and Sully will also examine clues in order to find the former’s long-lost brother, Sam.

With less than a month until the film’s premiere, Sony has released a new Uncharted BTS video revealing the filming of the aircraft feat. Tom Holland reveals in the film how the aircraft stunt is the most difficult action scene he’s ever done. “We must have shot that sequence for five weeks, virtually every day,” Tom revealed, “when we’re flying out the back of the plane on the boxes.” “At times, I’d be a hundred feet in the air, attached to a spinning box, and I’d just hang on until it threw me off, which was terrifying.”

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Given the amount of stunt work Holland has done as Spider-Man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Holland’s declaration that the Uncharted aircraft act was the most difficult he’s ever done is astounding. The behind-the-scenes film shows him being lifted from boxes on cables and thrown around in front of a blue screen, bringing the action scene to life. When Uncharted hits theatres on February 18, only time will tell if the stunt and the rest of the film are positively received by audiences.

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