TikToker Allison Rochell Reveals Racist Comments Her & Husband Receives On Wedding Day

TikTok star Allison Rochell took to her social media today as she revealed the racist comments she received on a picture that she posted on Instagram. The post included her and her husband Indianapolis Colts defensive end player Isaac Rochell.

Allison is married to Isaac and shared the hate she received on Instagram stories. She shared a TikTok video as well where she reminded viewers that “this” still exists. This was a reference to all the racist comments the influencer received since her interracial marriage. Few users had left infuriated comments which accused Allison of ending her “bloodline” and “lineage”.

Many other comments had few strangers telling her how she was disappointing her “ancestors” for not marrying a white man. Allison has a large following across social media platforms and she has garnered 31k followers so far. She is known for her comedy, lifestyle content, and pranks on the platform.

A user said, “Some of these comments are absolutely disgusting. And the amount of likes they are getting is disturbing. I honestly feel bad for people who have such hate in their hearts. I will be praying for all of you who carry so much hate.”

Another said, “This is beautiful. I’m so glad your keeping this photo up despite the all rude comments. Let’s normalize interracial marriage and happiness!” While another stated that some of these comments are horrific and they are sorry that she had to deal with them. An Instagram user also took it upon herself to report the accounts posting racist comments under Allison Rochell’s post.


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