The Truth Behind Viral ‘single btw’ Tweet Of Pokimane News

The Truth Behind Viral ‘single btw’ Tweet Of Pokimane

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October 5, 2021

Pokimane took the Internet by storm with her tweet in March 2021. The two word tweet was ‘single btw’ and it made the streamer’s fans go crazy!

In a recent YouTube video, Pokimane sits down to explain why she sent out the ‘single btw’ tweet and what it really meant to her.

After one year of rumors that tried to ship Pokimane with other guys, the streamer felt the need to set the record straight once and for all.

Pokimane Explains The Reason Behind Her Viral Tweet

Pokimane says that she wanted to ‘reclaim her power’ and ‘clarify’ her relationship status to the fans.

The ‘single btw’ tweet has fetched over 300,000 likes, 7,000 retweets and has been quoted 5,000 times at the time of writing this article. Pokimane does admit that her tweet ‘trended a bit’.

“There was this whole thing like two years ago where people were saying Poki boyfriend this, Poki boyfriend that. I was like, you know what? I’m going to reclaim my power. Single btw, and I’m making it clear,” she explains.

Poki also believes that Twitter is “partially a dating platform” and how “half the esports relationships even start.”

Immortal Rank In Valorant

That’s pretty much it about the ‘single btw’ tweet which broke the Internet in March of 2021.

Pokimane Anys is one of the most successful female Twitch streamers on the planet. She hit the immortal rank in Valorant recently making her amongst the top 0.5% players in the world.

“After being Diamond for 3 Acts, I finally hit Immortal!. “So freaking happy and proud of myself.”

“It’s taking all my willpower not to debate people trying to discredit me, but whatever! I’m so happy.”

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