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The Sopranos Actor Joseph Siravo Dies Aged 64 In His Beloved Treehouse

American actor Joseph Siravo, who played the role of Tony Soprano’s father Johnny in the television drama The Sopranos, has died at the age of 64.

Siravo had also appeared in the Tony Award-winning Jersey Boys music, as well as The People v OJ Simpson – part of the American Crime Story TV series.

Announcement Of His Death

His daughter Allegra Okarmus has confirmed the news of his death to the world.

“I was by his side when my dear father passed away this morning, peacefully, at his beloved Treehouse,” she wrote on Instagram.

“We are both so lucky to be so intensely loved. I am so immensely grateful to have had him here on earth and I know that he hasn’t gone very far.”

Career Legacy

The Sopranos ran for six seasons from 1999 to 2007, winning numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

Siravo’s character appeared in flashbacks to the sixties as Tony’s father, with whom he had a troubled relationship.

James Gandolfini, who played Tony, died in 2013 but other stars of the TV show honored Siravo and expressed their condolences as well as tributes online.

‘See You On The Other Side’

“RIP my dear friend, who fought an incredible war,” wrote Garry Pastore.

“I’ll miss you. We’ll see each other on the other side.”

Maureen Van Zandt shared a picture of the late actor on Twitter, describing him as “a talented and lovely man”.

Early Life

Born and raised in the American capital of Washington DC, Siravo first appeared on screen in the 1993 film Carlito’s Way.

A screen and stage star, he starred in more than 2,000 plays as actor Gyp DeCarlo on the first national Jersey Boys music tour from 2006 onwards.

DeCarlo was a real-life mobster who took an interest in the career of musician Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and, in the play, helps them settle a debt with a loan shark.

Siravo often found himself cast as a Mafioso, playing both John and Gene Gotti of the Gambino crime family in separate projects.

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