The Lion King Prequel Gets Official Title & Release Window

The Lion King Prequel Gets Official Title & Release Window

The Lion King will grow and branch into much more with Disney’s latest announcement of the movie, Mufasa: The Lion King.

This year’s Disney Expo gave fans so much to look forward to with the announcement of their tv series and movies in the near future. One of these announcements was for the official title and a release window for the prequel to 2019’s CGI remake, The Lion King.

According to Disney, Mufasa: The Lion King will premiere somewhere in 2024. Barry Jenkins will be directing the movie. He is the Academy-winning Moonlight director. Initially, the next Lion King movie should have been serving as a sequel instead of a prequel. However, the project took a different turn after its announcement in 2020.

Owing to its name, the movie will revolve around Mufasa and his origin story. According to Variety, Aaron Pierre will replace James Earl Jones as a younger version of Mufasa. Meanwhile, younger Scar will be voiced by Kelvin Harrison Jr. replacing Jeremy Irons.

Both Pierre and Jenkins will be collaborating for the second time as they acted together in Jenkin’s Prime Video series, The Underground Railroad. Even a preview of the prequel was shown to the audience along with the announcement. The clip shows us Rafiki, voiced by John Kani, explaining the legacy of Mufasa to young cubs.

Rafiki is heard saying,  “In this place, a lion was born without a drop of nobility in his blood”. He went on to say that the lion would change all of their lives forever. Even Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen will be reprising their roles as Timon and Pumba.

Jenkins shed light on why he chose to take on this project. The director looked back at his obsession with the original movie when he was a kid. He explained that he really knew the character and loved him but as he read the script, he started thinking about Mufasa and why he is great.

Mufasa: The Lion King will premiere sometime in 2024.

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