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The Falcon & The Winter Soldier To Introduce New Character Who Might Have A Future With Thor

A new character will be introduced in the near future of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episodes. This character could also possibly team up with Thor in the future.

Marvel Studios’ latest series has released two episodes so far out of its six episodes. A couple of new players have been introduced in the MCU. This includes the new “Captain America”, John Walker and Isaiah Bradley. Isaiah is another Super Soldier who Bucky fought in the ‘50s.

However, it turns out that the show is still left to introduce one more hero that will be revealed quite soon. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has comparatively fewer episodes than WandaVision and they have established their narrative. The premiere of the show kept both Falcon i.e. Sam and the Winter Soldier, Bucky, away from each other.

However, they were brought together in the latest episode for a few reasons. Bucky came down to meet Sam to question his decision to give Steve Rogers, the original Captain America’s shield away which was clearly passed onto Sam. Although Sam himself did not think the government would bring in someone like Walker to wield the Captain America title.

Secondly, they are dealing with Flag Smashers, a new group of villains, who seem to bring the world back to the blip. Fans expect Sam and Bucky to be together from here on until the end of the series as they face their respective and collective missions. By the end of the second episode titled The Star-Spangled Avenger, we see MCU bringing back Zemo. This means the only confirmed character yet to appear is Sharon Carter.

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“The personality is so strong, it’s an episode five character.”

Writer Malcolm Spellman revealed in a new interview with Rotten Tomatoes TV shared that another character will be debuting soon. He kept the details very secretive obviously as to not reveal the surprise but the writer confirmed that they will be coming in episode 5. The writer also confirmed that they will be a good partner for Thor.

Malcolm said, “There are characters in our series who I would love to see partnered with like – it’s a very, very grounded character – partnered with one of the big world-shakers like Thor or someone like that. The personality is so strong, it’s an episode five character. I’d love to see that character with Thor.”

It’s typical of Marvel to be so secretive with their productions but it is the exact thing that draws fans from all around the world. It is difficult at this point to predict who the new character would be. As per the writer, the character fits perfectly into The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s narrative.

The character will also likely be Earth0bound in their future in the MCU. During WandaVision, fans were expecting a cameo from one of the MCU characters. Paul Bettany had kept teasing another big cameo following the arrival of Evan Peters’ fake Pietro character. However, people clung to the teasing only to be disappointed when they found out it was Bettany himself playing White Vision. This led to a lot of backlashes which can mean that this is a legitimate tip from the writers.

The new character will be introduced in the second last episode as per the writer. This can mean it is safe to assume that the show will primarily be a springboard for their stint in the MCU. Before this also there have been few teases about the emotional outing this particular show will be. There is a possibility of the character being someone who has ties to other characters in the franchise and they might have an established history.

However, Marvel Studios has had immense success before with a team-up of contrasting characters in Iron Man and Captain America. Iron Man was the man of the future while Captain was the man from the past quite literally. They were united by their common goal to protect the Earth.

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