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Falcon & The Winter Soldier Stars Talk About Easter Eggs

Anthony Mackie made a surprise revelation while he was promoting his new TV series for Marvel Studios, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He revealed that he just learned what an ‘Easter egg’ really was.

The actor revelation becomes more interesting when everyone knows that is literally what Marvel Cinematic Universe is exceedingly known for. The Easter eggs, the references to the previous movies or comic books story lines is what makes a Marvel venture a superhit among fans.

Anthony was with his co-star, Sebastian Stan in an interview on The Jess Cagle Show. He was asked about another surprising bit about the Avengers’ salaries. The very first episode of the highly anticipated Marvel series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuted last Friday. Fans got to meet the family of Falcon.

However, a surprising revelation that was made in the episode was when Falcon and his sister Sarah went for applying for a loan. Fans learnt that none of the Avengers made an actual salary for their sacrifice to save the world. Most of the fans went into frenzy as some started blaming Tony Stark for not paying the Avengers while others pointed out that Tony never owned the Avengers. They reminded others that SHIELD or rather Nick Fury were the ones they worked under.

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“That’s not a conversation you have as an actor.”

Anthony was questioned if he was surprised at fans reaction to the Avengers salaries. It became quite the trending topic on Twitter right after the episode aired. However, the actor shared that he wasn’t surprised as he pointed out that nothing about the internet surprises him anymore. He said, “Not really. Nothing about the Internet surprises me anymore, the stuff that people find interesting… I just learned what an Easter Egg is, so there’s a whole bunch of things going on that aren’t surprising at all.”

Cagle’s co-host, Julie Cunningham wondered if Anthony could be part of the MCU without knowing what an Easter egg is. The actor explained that they never have to point out a specific easter egg in any scenes. He said, “Yeah, well we don’t go around saying, ‘Yo, you see that Easter Egg in Scene 12?’ That’s not a conversation you have as an actor.”

Sebastian further explained as he shared what Anthony meant was that they do not think as much about it as people think they do. He further joked, “I think what he’s trying to say is we try not to think as much about it as you think we do. I have like this weird thing to say. It’s like a very strange thing, but we are actually not these characters.”

Anthony laughed along with him as Sebastian further said; that it’s going to be fascinating to decipher it but they are not these characters. Falcon and the Winter Soldier takes place right after the events of Avengers: Endgame; with both the characters coming together for an important mission.

The six-episode series also brings back Marvel characters such as Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp), James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) and Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl). After the series runs its course, Marvel Studios will debut Loki on June 11, followed by What If?, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye on Disney Plus.

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