The Circle Season 3’s Best & Worst Twist

The third season of The Circle has brought in many new twists and turns to the show. This has often resulted in a different level of gameplay than the first two seasons. The first two seasons were similar to each other with minimal twists. However, season 3 had three big twists in only the first few episodes.

The Circle is a competition show about social media and popularity. The contestants had to live in the same apartment building together. However, they cannot see or hear each other so the only way they can communicate with them is through messaging and information that is chosen to be revealed.

They are allowed to play the game of The Circle as themselves or they can pretend to be someone else. The last players at the end rank the contestants from best to worst and the most popular player is crowned the winner of The Circle. Producers of the show have chosen the right season to switch it up.

Worst: The Cloning Twist

The very first twist of the season was the cloning twist and appeared at the first eviction. The first contestant who was voted out was Ava Marie Capra who came with her sister. However, they did not go home but were given an opportunity to clone another player’s profile and pretend to be them. Ava and Chanel chose to be Michelle Rider and managed to convince everyone that they were the “real” Michelle. This led to the actual Michelle being blocked.

The twist was interesting and could have been successful but it was not executed that well. Their first mistake was that the twist was introduced too early. Fans were not really rooting for Ava and Chanel because they did not have that kind of time. So it seemed like a waste to save the sisters who viewers did not mind getting blocked.

And fans ended up feeling bad for Michelle because she took it very personally and was upset. This led to them feeling sorry rather than enjoying the twist.

Best: The Burner Profile Twist

The “burner profile” was used by contestant Nick Uhlenhuth. He was given a second profile that belonged to a fictional player named Vince. Nick used Vince’s profile to talk about himself to other players to see where he really stood with them. The other contestants did not even suspect it wasn’t a real person because Nick played it perfectly.

Nick used the profile to assess the loyalty of fellow contestants and also used the character of Vince to appear more popular than he was. This twist was interesting and was executed really well.


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