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The Circle Reality Show To Exit From Channel 4 After A Brilliant Three Season Run

The famous reality show titled The cycle will not return to Channel 4, after three years on our screens.

Based on cat-fishing and social media, competitors chat online and vote according to preference and popularity .

It featured three regular series and one featured celebrity players, each with actors living in the same apartment building during the show.

The show also sold itself on Netflix in the United States and has a Brazilian and French version as well.

Huge Hit For Young Audience

A spokesman for Channel 4 said: “The Circle has been a huge hit for young audiences and has grown successively over three seasons on Channel 4.

“We are incredibly proud to have worked with Studio Lambert North and Motion Content Group to invest in this new program and provide the foundation for its global success.”

Channel 4 also said in a statement that they had decided not to take up the program again as they wanted to bring new ideas and concepts to the station.

What Next For The Circle?

Production company Studio Lambert is said to be in talks with Netflix to launch a program on the broadcast service – so hope is not lost on fans of the show.

Studio Lambert has previously received criticism following a Guardian report alleging that employees of one of its other programmed, Gogglebox, were being mistreated.

Contestants And Winners

Alex Hobern was the first to win in 2018 and says it would always be difficult for those competing in the game to try to top what had been done before.

“As somebody who was on the first series, it was very new and fresh and unfortunately for the shows after that I used to always get the feedback like ‘your show was so much better’,” he tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

“It’s tough to stay new, fresh and innovative so when I heard it [was ending], I was disappointed, but I think its cool that Channel 4 are thinking progressively about how we continue to revolutionise and be creative within the TV industry,” he says.

The third and final series of Circle on Channel 4 was won by Natalia Platonova who catfished the other contestants by pretending to be a man called Felix.

The second series was won by Paddy Smyth who played as himself and The Celebrity Circle was won by Lady Leshurr, who pretended to be Big Narstie.

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