Tayler Holder Spotify Features ‘Gib Beat Me Up’ Diss Track

The official Spotify of Taylor Holder was recently raided by a diss track titled ‘Gib Beat Me Up’. Here is everything you need to know and what actually happened.

Back in early 2021, the internet saw the first ever Battle of Platforms influencer boxing event. It saw YouTubers fighting TikTokers.

Tayler Holder Vs AnEson Gib

As the name suggests, Taylor Holder was also a fighter for the TikTok community at Battle of Platforms. He went in the ring against YouTuber AnEson Gib.

In a thrilling match that turned out, the decision was a DRAW!

However, after the angry reaction from the crowd that thought AnEson Gib was the deserving winner, the decision was changed against Tayler Holder. The TikToker denies the changed decision to date.

What Happened?

On October 2, Tayler’s Spotify had a new song apart from his usual songs like like Who I am and 100 Rounds. The new one called ‘Gib Beat Me Up’ and it did not take fans long enough to realize that it was the work of a troll.

After-all, why would Tayler Holder make a diss track against his own self. The singer of the diss track is someone called Hello3itch and he never fails to mention that Tayler suffered a bit of an embarrassing loss after plenty of pre-fight hype.

The reason Gib Beat Me Up diss track was shown on the TikToker’s spotify was because he was tagged as a featured artist in it.

Will The Diss Track Be Taken Down?

The same thing has happened with other disses from Hello3itch, including ones about RiceGum and Tana Mongeau.

It does not seem like the diss track would be taken down from Spotify because similar other tracks are still up, but it could be removed from Holder’s page at some point.

Whatever be the case, it was a funny troll and the internet had a good time. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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