AnEsonGib Says He Will Whoop Bryce Hall’s A** In The Boxing Ring

TikToker and Internet personality Bryce Hall had an embarrassing loss at the Battle of Platforms against YouTuber Austin McBroom. But since then, Bryce seems to be training hard.

Bryce Hall is eyeing his next opponent with no fruition in sight. He recently claimed that he’d want to fight KSI’s younger brother Deji Olatunja.

‘Lot Of People Want Me To Fight Deji’

Deji has lost all the fights of his boxing career so far. Initially Bryce Hall challenged KSI but he did not seem to care about Bryce’s challenge.

‘I actually might step in the boxing ring soon,’ said Bryce Hall last week.

‘Honestly a lot of people want me to fight Deji. That might happen. That might be the next one.’

AnESon Gib Reacts

However, on Tana Mongeau’s podcast, when Bryce Hall was asked to choose between AnEson Gib and Taylor Holder for his next fight, he answered ‘Gib’.

Gib has reacted to Bryce Hall’s confidence now. He said he would ‘whoop’ Bryce Hall’s a** and also talked about the ‘a** whooping’ treatment he gave to Taylor.

“There, there, my son,” said Gib, holding a fake baby with Holder’s name attached to its back. “I understand the lawsuit was hard on you. But you should never be in denial.”

“And to your friends who want a piece of this, tell them about the a** whooping that I put you through,” he said, clearly talking about Hall. “Don’t be foolish, lads. Don’t be foolish.”

Who Will Bryce Hall Fight Next?

AnEson Gib has fought Taylor and their fight ended in a draw. However, Gib truly believes that he was the winner and easily dominated the while fight.

Do you think that Bryce Hall and AnEsonGib would face off in the boxing ring sometime soon? Maybe if Bryce Vs Deji doesn’t go forward? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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