Sykkuno Loses Cool After Viewers Ask him Personal Questions About Corpse Husband

Sykkuno is one of the most famous Twitch streamers. His streams are always fun and entertaining. However, in one of his latest streams Sykkuno lost his calm on his own fans. But what really happened?

The whole issue was due to Corpse Husband, the faceless content creator who has been making strides on the Internet. Corpse Husband is a famous YouTube and streamer who has a massive fan following. But to date, the fans have not seen the face of the YouTuber.

Sykkuno Meets Corpse Husband

Sykkuno is one amongst the very few people on the internet who have met Corpse Husband. The faceless YouTuber gace away his merch to Sykkuno and also posted a video of their meetup on his TikTok.

Since then, the fans of Sykkuno have blasted him with personal questions about Corpse Husband and it is no longer cool for him.

“Do I know if Corpse is going to play Animal Crossing? I don’t know. You should ask him that. I feel like only he would know the answer to that one,” he said.

What Did Sykkuno Say?

“I always think it’s sort of strange when people ask, ‘hey, how’s this person doing?’ and I’m like, why don’t you just ask them that.”

“Well, my question is if you don’t know him personally, why are you so interested in his personal life? It’s weird if you don’t know him personally and you keep prying into his personal life. That’s kind of strange.”

Recently, a face reveal of Corpse Husband had gone viral on the internet and since then, Corpse Husband has started to maintain even a more lowkey image on the internet.

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