Streamer HasanAbi Reveals That He Is Considering To Quit Twitch

HasanAbi Piker is one of the most famous Twitch streamers on the planet. In 2021, he is also ranked amongst the most watched Twitch channels. However, all of this is not enough for HasanAbi to stay on Twitch as he recently revealed he is considering to quit the platform.

Hasan claims that he is tired of being harassed and is pushed to the limits by haters. This is the reason why he is contemplating about a Twitch hiatus. He and his family have been doxxed and swatted on multiple occasions. The toxic trolls in his life have been him tired and he feels that he will go insane.

‘It’s Not A Joke’

During his October 28 stream, HasanAbi told the viewers “It’s not a joke. I’m very close to quitting streaming for a little bit.” He added that he has been thinking about the move for the ‘past couple of days’ because streaming doesn’t make him feel good anymore.

“That is why. I hate myself. I hate everyone. I am constantly fu**ing stressed. It has disrupted my sleep cycle,” said HasanAbi after sharing a hate message with his stream viewers.

What Did Hasan Say?

“I can’t even be f**king honest with my own community for a single moment. It’s like everything I say can and will be used against me. I feel like I’m going crazy. I feel like I’m losing my f**king mind! It’s so f**ked, and there is no way to show how f**ked it is until you experience it. But it’s making me f**king go crazy!”

The hate that has come Hasan’s way recently has been too much to handle. HasanAbi said that for every hater ‘dipsh**’ that he blocks or bans, there are 20 others waiting to take its place.

Recently the streamer gave his two cents on the Dave Chapelle controversy surrounding his latest Netflix Special ‘The Closer’. He called him a ‘boomer’ and said that he was disgusted by the jokes of Dave.

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