Streamer BikiniBodhi Banned From Twitch For Restreaming League of Legends Playoffs

Twitch DMCA is no joke and it’s one of the worst nightmares of Twitch streamers! Recently Twitch streamer xQc faced the fifth ban of his streaming career and fans think it definitely had to do something with the DMCA. xQc played Kanye West’s latest album Donda without permission and might have faced a ban for that reason.

But now, let’s get back to FNATIC streamer BikiniBodhi. Why was BikiniBodhi banned? Well, he had no permission to ‘restream’ the LEC Summer Playoffs but he did. And what happens next?

Probably Got DMCA’d

The official rights to stream the League of Legends Summer Playoffs rest with few selected streamers and the official Riot partners. BikiniBodhi claims that he is a ‘poopiehead’ for not researching well enough before restreaming the LEC playoffs.

“Prob got DMCA’d for restreaming LEC playoffs,” wrote BikiniBodhi.

The Rainbow Six streamer had no evil intentions behind restreaming the playoffs. He wanted his audience to view his teams League of Legends game. The Fnatic’ LEC team was facing off their arch-rivals G2 in a make-or-break game on August 22 that BikiniBodhi did not want his followers to miss.

The now-banned Twitch streamer has a massive subscribers base on YouTube as well. With over 1.2 million subscribers, BikiniBodhi is one of the best Rainbow Six Siege content creators out there. But how long has he been banned on Twitch? His follower base that goes north of 500,000 wants to know!

How Long Will The Ban Last?

According to BikiniBodhi’s tweets, it seems that he has been banned for more than 24 hours. He said in one of his tweets that the “ban should last a few days I guess”. The Twitch support has not given any statement or reply to BikiniBodhi so far. Anyhow, he has not lost his partnership status so that’s a piece of positive news.

Meanwhile, he is focussing on creating some more content for his YouTube channel. Talk about one dedicated streamer!

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