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Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers Have Been Given To People who Joe Keery Trusts

Joe Keery admits to sharing Stranger Things season 4 spoilers with a select group of people in his life, but only with those he completely trusts. Stranger Things’ fourth season is one of the most highly anticipated series of the year.

The Netflix series, which has a loyal following, last published new episodes in 2019 and ended on a big cliffhanger featuring Hawkins sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour). Stranger Things’ comeback has been significantly delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Season 4 will release in 2022, according to Netflix, which has been in production since late last year.

The latest Stranger Things season 4 trailer, which recapped some of the show’s biggest events while previewing what’s to come, arrived alongside that announcement. When we last saw Hopper, he was being detained in a Russian prison after an explosion at the Hawkins Lab that claimed his life.

However, no one is aware of his existence at the moment; instead, the Byers family has left Hawkins to start a new life somewhere, with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in tow. As a result, much of the upcoming season of Stranger Things remains a mystery to people who aren’t familiar with the show.

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Joe Keery about spoilers

It’s a mystery to most people who aren’t on the show, at least. Keery (who plays Steve Harrington) admitted he’s disclosed some Stranger Things spoilers with people he knows when promoting his upcoming film Free Guy with Digital Spy.

“I’ve talked to maybe a few individuals in my life about how things are going,” Keery said. “But people I trust, people I know won’t spill the beans and get me in trouble.” He didn’t say how many individuals he told, but it’s reasonable to assume it was a small group. Keery did note, though, that he has finished his portion of Season 4 and has yet to watch the trailer that was recently published.

This makes one wish they were one of the lucky ones that received season 4 spoilers from Keery. Stranger Things has generated plenty of predictions about what might happen next after the last season of the spooky thriller premiered.

Only a few things are clear at the moment, one of which is that the ending is already set. Though it’s unclear whether Stranger Things will conclude with season 5, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have a strategy in place. Everything leading up to it may still be in flux, but at least Season 4 is starting to take shape.

Let’s hope the next episodes don’t come out too late in 2022.

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