Shroud Says That World Of Warcraft Sucks And He Only Plays It For The People News

Shroud Says That World Of Warcraft Sucks And He Only Plays It For The People

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Time icon November 26, 2021

Twitch streamer Shroud has been the biggest fan of the New World game. He has streamed the game for more than 100 hours combined and there is no hint that he would stop anytime soon.

Michael Shroud has said in the past that New World is his favorite game to stream. Even though Shroud has been a vocal critic about some of the game aspects, he still feels that the game has so much to offer.

‘The Game Sucks’

However, the streamer stopped playing the game to ‘take a break’ and come back later. Recently when Shroud was playing WoW, a fan asked if he missed playing the New World title during WoW raids.

“You ever think about New World when you’re WoW raiding?” the streamer was asked by a fan. He immediately replied saying:

“All the time! WoW f**king blows. Literally, I only play it for the people. The game f**king sucks.”

Why Does Shroud Still Play It?

The reason why he plays is to not “let them [his team] down.” Even though the guild would be able to clear the levels without Shroud, the streamer personally does not want to go against his team.

“You gotta see it through,” he said explaining that being a team player is important despite him persoanlly wanting to play and stream New World.

Also, recently he also talked about another game title PUBG. While talking about why he loved PUBG as much as he did, Shroud tells that the fun he was having in PUBG was because it was similar to CS, as weird as [that] is. PUBG was very close to Counter-Strike.

When the streamer stopped playing Counter-Strike, he had some bitter words for the game. He compared it to other titles and expressed that the CSGO gaming experience has been a run to the ground now.

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