Shroud Says That He Did Not Enjoy Playing Halo Infinite During Surprise Release

The gaming community was taken by a surprise when Halo Infinite Season1 Battle Pass and Halo Infinite Multiplayer mode released on the same day 9November 15). While the official release date was 24 days ahead, Microsoft and 343 Industries decided to give a pleasant shock and surprise to the Halo fans.

Many loyalists and streamers jumped on the bandwagon to play Halo Infinite on the surprise release day. While some streamers like Dr Disrespect loved the game and streamed for eight hours non-stop, others like Shroud were critical of the game.

After playing the game, Dr Disrespect sent out a tweet which said “Firm handshakes to Halo Infinite, the game plays so good,” adding his trademark “yayaya” too.

What Did Shroud Say?

At the same time, Shroud revealed that he wasn’t really enjoying the game. When a viewer asked whether the streamer enjoyed his gaming session during the surprise release, here is what Shroud replied.

“Am I enjoying Halo Infinite? Um, not really,” said Shroud. “It’s about what I expected, to be honest. It’s Halo.” It ties into what he’s said about the Halo series in the past.

However, Shroud mentioned that the fact Halo Infinite Multiplayer Mode was free to play for PC and XBOX users. “It’s cool that it’s free, though.”

“I’m more interested in the campaign. I just want to play the campaign and then see if there are any cool custom maps or anything.”

Shroud Also Slammed Battlefield 2042

Halo Infinite isn’t the only game that the streamer was critical of. Just recently, Shroud also gave his two cents on the Battlefield 2042 gameplay.

Shroud’s crew member asked about how do ‘we buy attachments’ and Shroud clarified that “You have to keep using the gun and unlock it and stuff.”

“For the unlocks of attachments, you need X amount of kills,” he said. “So, you probably want to farm a different game mode to get more kills. Because in this, farming your guns and stuff, it’s going to take too long.”

Apart from this reason, there was no evident critique from Shroud about the Battlefield 2042’s early access phase.

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