Shroud Reveals That He Has No Plan To Quit Playing The New World Game News

Shroud Reveals That He Has No Plan To Quit Playing The New World Game

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Time icon October 31, 2021

Twitch streamer Shroud has been the biggest fan of the New World game. He has streamed the game for more than 100 hours combined and there is no hint that he would stop anytime soon.

Michael Shroud has said in the past that New World is his favorite game to stream. Even though Shroud has been a vocal critic about some of the game aspects, he still feels that the game has so much to offer.

What Did Shroud Say?

The streamer started out as a professional Counter Strike gamer. He then moved to playing PUBG and explained why PUBG was a better experience than CS. However, now he is hooked upon New World multiplayer game.

Shroud has said to his fans that he would take a break from streaming New World because he has already put in a lot of hours into it. However, he will not permanently stop playing the game anytime soon.

“It’s hooking me in someway, somehow,” in the words of Twitch star Michael Shroud.

‘I’m Having A Good Time’

“All the bugs and exploits in the game is fu**ing wild but even with all these bugs and exploits, I’m still here. So it must be doing something right,” he added.

The game was launched on September 28 and was a wild success among gamers. While many streamers gradually stopped playing the game, Shroud hung around. Other streamers are also expected to join the bandwagon again once the bugs and exploits in the New World game are fixed.

“I don’t care how sh*t wars are. I don’t care how many different duplication bugs there are…. I’m still here having a good time.”

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