Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Hip Hop Dance On Doja Cat “Vegas” Song, Goes Viral

Bradd Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s daughter’s video is going viral on the internet as we get to see her in a music video where she is showing off her dancing skills.

Angelina & Brad welcomed Shiloh in the year 2006. Even though today the couple has split ways, they feel proud of their daughter.

The video went viral through Tik Tok in which Shiloh was showing her moves in Doja Cat’s new song Vegas. It was not the lone video of her, there were other dancers as well who were dancing along.

The dance was choreographed by Hamilton Evans, also there were other dancers from the Millenium Dance Complex as well.

On Sunday the choreographer dropped the music video which featured Shiloh dancing. It was a 7-minute video, we see her performing for 1-2minutes in the video.

Shiloh was in the center of the music video with 2 girls on both sides of her. She wore a Beetles T-shirt along with Black pants & paired it up with red sneakers. It’s not the first time that we see Shiloh’s dance moves as she also has previously starred in other videos.

She often shares her hip-hop routine dance on Tik Tok, on different songs. She mostly performs hip-hop dance but her dancing skills are quite impressive.

Let’s have a look at what the divorced couple Brad & Angelina has to say about their Kid dancing endeavors. Through a source, it was said that the ex couple has no issue with her dancing and if she wants to become a pro at it she can be as there is no pressure from their side.

Further, they added saying that Shiloh has been going to dance classes for a few years and also she loves dancing. Shiloh is very talented at what she does and they are absolutely proud of her.

She is not just good at dancing but we also have seen her cameo in various films. Even though in some we couldn’t recognize her as she was a kid. She first appeared in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, she played the role of a 2-year-old. The movie also has her dad Brad Pitt in it. She also voiced Shuai Shuai, A Kungfu Panda 3 character.

Shiloh was recently seen on the red carpet of Eternals premiere with her mom and siblings wearing her mom’s old dress.

Shiloh has 5 siblings Vivienne, Zahara Marley, Maddox Chivan, Knox Léon, and Pax Thien.

Watch the full dance video, here.

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