Seinfeld Set To Release On Netflix In October – Here’s Everything You Should Know News

Seinfeld Set To Release On Netflix In October – Here’s Everything You Should Know

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September 1, 2021

Fans are rejoicing as famous series ‘Seinfeld’ is finally coming to Netflix!

Netflix announced in 2019 that it has acquired the global streaming rights of Seinfeld from Sony.

Global Streaming Rights

There were other providers such as HBO Max, NBC Universal (Peacock) and Hulu (who hold the rights in the US currently) who competed to acquire the streaming rights that were due to lapse in 2021. Netflix emerged victorious!

In October 2021, we will see Seinfeld hit Netflix content library. All the 180 episodes spanning nine seasons will be made available.

Currently, in the United States, Seinfeld streams on Hulu.

When Will Seinfeld Release On Netflix?

The show was supposed to release on Netflix in June 2021 but when it did not arrive, speculations went wild that it has either been cancelled or postponed.

Now, Netflix has confirmed that Seinfeld will release on October 1, 2021.

Will It Be In 4K / HD Quality?

Netflix will get all episodes of the series in upscaled style, meaning the streaming quality would be enhanced to 4K / HD. However, it depends on the package you have subscribed to.

This isn’t the case with ‘Major Dad’, the 1989 classic CBS sitcom. Netflix released the show on 1st September. All of the four seasons and 96 episodes are expected to hit the Netflix US classic sitcom content library.

But Major Dad did not arrive in upscaled format, rather used the same 4:3 streaming format.

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