Classic 1989 CBS Sitcom ‘Major Dad’ To Release On Netflix In September 2021 News

Classic 1989 CBS Sitcom ‘Major Dad’ To Release On Netflix In September 2021

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September 1, 2021

When we talk about classic sitcoms, Major Dad sits in top tier of the list. Originally airing in 1989 on CBS, the show has been one of the most successful classic sitcoms of that time.

Major Dad ran for four years ending its air in May of 1993. The show spanned four seasons and 96 episodes through this time. And guess what? Netflix thinks it’s time to bring Major Dad sitcom back to life.

When Will It Release?

From today, i.e, 1st September 2021, Netflix US will release Major Dad. All of the four seasons and 96 episodes are expected to hit the Netflix US classic sitcom content library.


If you aren’t aware about the plot of Manor Dad, it revolves around a US Marine and a Journalist. The US Marine marries a journo which makes the household a chaotic place, something which the US Marine is not accustomed to due to his disciplined stay in the military.

Gerald McRaney (who also featured in Netflix’s House of Cards), Shanna Reed, Beverly Archer, and Jon Cypher are the lead cast members of the series, Major Dad.

Will It Be In HD Quality?

Major Dad is expected to release in its original 4:3 style without any special touch and finishes of 4k / HD upscaling.

However, one thing that seems uncanny is that Netflix did not include Major Dad series in the list of it’s September PR release.

For the time being, it is learnt that only Netflix would be housing the Manor Dad sitcom . However, in the past, other streaming services such as NBC have played the show.

Will you rewatch Major Dad? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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