Ryan Gosling As Ghost Rider In The MCU? Here’s What Kevin Feige Has To Say About It

Ryan Gosling’s wish is going to get fulfilled of joining the MCU, as Kevin Feige too would love to see him in Marvel Universe.

Earlier this month, there were rumors that Ryan Gosling is in contention to play the role of Nova in the MCU and he is joining the MCU soon. But later on, the rumors were debunked by the Gray Man star himself through a conversation with MTV that he ain’t in any talks to play Nova in the MCU.

MTV News confirmed saying, ” Ryan and I chatted about the Nova rumors yesterday, which he said aren’t true. But this morning Ryan reached out to me to say there is one superhero he wants to play. GHOST RIDER.”

Ryan’s message of playing Ghost Rider was conveyed to the right person at the Comic Con which is none other than Kevin Feige. At an interview with MTV News in Comic Con whether Ryan Gosling would be Ghostrider or not to which he responded, ” Gosling’s unbelievable…I’d love to find a place for him in the MCU.”

Feige also praised him for his Barbie appearance saying, ” He’s dressed up as Ken on Venice Beach and gets more press than giant movies coming out that weekend. Amazing!”

As per Feige’s conversation, it looks like he would love Ryan to be a part of the MCU. He didn’t specifically mention that it would be a ghost rider he could play in the future but we can expect him to join the Marvel universe soon.

Ryan Gosling featured in the recent film The Gray Man directed by the Russo brothers who were also the directors of big films of the MCU. At the Comic Con, no such project related to Nova and Ghost rider was revealed, but there can be future projects related to it.

Ryan Gosling will also be starring in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film. He was also appreciated for his look as Ken by everyone when the first official looks of Barbie film were released.

It would be great to see Ryan as a Marvel superhero!

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