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Ringo Starr Withdraws Defamation Suit Against Sex Toy Manufacturer ‘Ring O’

Sir Ringo Starr has dropped his defamation suit against the makers of a sex toy called Ring O.

The Beatles drummer challenged the Ring O brand on grounds that it was very similar to his name and could be confusing the audience.

Sir Ringo, 80, has been saying that his reputation will be tarnished if sex toy manufacturer Ring O’s name is registered as a trademark with the US authorities.

But now he has withdrawn his legal complaint after reaching an agreement with the manufacturers.

What Was Ringo Starr’s Complaint?

His lawyers initially filed the lawsuit that the product was “similar in appearance, sound, translation and pronunciation” to his name, which already had his own registered trademark.

Documents filed by his attorneys in 2019 stated: “Consumers will likely believe that Opposer’s [Starr’s] newest venture is sex toys – and this is an association that Opposer does not want.”

Reputation Damage

The rock star “wants nothing to do with these goods” the lawyers added and said that any association with this could tarnish his reputation and personal brand.

Now, according to the agreement, Pacific Holdings and Momentum Management have agreed to “avoid any work that could cause confusion” between their product and the artist.

The Agreement

The agreement stipulates that companies may use the term only for adult sex products and must have a space between “Ring” and “O”.

The companies have promised not to “humiliate or tarnish Starr’s image or name.”

They also say they will not make any references or marketing gimmicks that associate the product with Starr, or give the impression that it is associated with him.

Registered Trademark

Ring O is part of the Screaming O product list, with Momentum claiming to sell 25 million products worldwide.

The name Ringo is also registered as a trademark by various companies for a range of products in the UK, from mop wringers and biscuits to a hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring.

Also, did you know that Sir Ringo’s real name is Richard Starkey.

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