Rare Pokemon-Themed Oreo Cookies Being Resold For Crazy Prices On eBay

2021 is definitely going interesting so far! If all the craziness and hype wasn’t enough, Pokemon Oreos came to the rescue.

Pokemon announced collaboration with one of the world’s best milk cookie brand ‘Oreo’ which saw the two brands work together on releasing ‘rare Pokémon-themed Oreos.’

Pokemon Oreos

There were 16 Pokemon Oreos launched during the collab and each of them had it’s own uniqueness and rarity.

Customers were given the chance to pre-order up-to three boxes of these rare Oreos and since it was a limited edition deal, not everyone was able to get their hands on it.

Crazy Resell Price

But there’s always a way out and in this case, Pokemon Oreo resellers were the way out!

The rare collection of Pokemon-themed Oreos is already being listed for resale on eBay for crazy amounts of money, with one listed for as high as $1,000.

Then original price of Pokemon x Oreo was just $3.88 which has now been pumped up by reseller on online marketplaces like eBay.

The top three listings on eBay for ‘Pokemon Oreo’ are a box for $19.99 and two Mew cookies for $100 and $250, with a “Buy it Now” option for $1,000.

In case you do not want to buy it from a reseller, you can always check the grocery stores in your area or the official Oreo website to see if Pokemon edition Oreos are available in stock.


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