Fans Call Bella Poarch ‘Bellachu’ After Viral Pokemon Themed TikTok Video

Her love for anime has sent her video circulating all over the internet! One viral Pokemon-themed TikTok has helped Bella Poarch promote her latest single Inferno in the best way possible!

The Filipino TikTok personality released her new single titled INFERNO on August 12th. While the craze is still high and the song is still new, she promoted it by transforming into a cute pokemon in her new TikTok video! And guess what? It has gone viral.

‘Who’s That Pokemon’

Bella Poarch’s, oops… We mean Bellachu’s viral TikTok has amassed more than 7 million views and over a million likes at the time of writing this article.

In the video, she is seen wearing a Yellow colored electric Pokémon mascot while the video is captioned “Who’s that Pokemon!!” Bella adorably vibes back and forth as the Game Freak mascot.

Bella X Pilachu = Bellachu

Fans went wild in the comments section. They appreciated how cute Bella looks in the video and also gave her nicknames. Have a look at some of the comments.

The ‘Build A Bitch’ singer herself jumped into the comments section to say ‘Help! Pikachu is chasing me’

Pokemon just had their 25th and this year they celebrated by teaming up with international artists such as Post Malone and Katy Perry.

Inferno Music Video

Talking about Bella’s song INFERNO, it features some of the best Twitch streamers and influencers in the world such as Adin Ross, Ludwig, Disguise Toast, and Tommyinnit

Inferno will also star Sub Urban. Its more like a return favor because Bella Poarch also starred in his music video titled ‘Cirque’ in early 2021.

She recently collaborated with @totouchanemu for producing the biggest video of the “Stay” trend and lead the trend but her dream seems far from true currently.

Bella Poarch’s version of the trend has over 85 million views and 14.4 million likes.

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